WOOYANG CO., LTD which was established in 1990 has been exporting the men’s and women’s suits to the North American markets,
and WOOYANG is continuously growing maily by focusing on the men’s suits export at this present time.

In 2001, WYVINA has established its own overseas factory in Vietnam, which was the first overseas factory among the Korean men’s suits manufacturers.
By the establishment of the WYVINA Vietnam factory, WYVINA was able to develop as one of the strong men’s suits contenders in the global market through equipping with product output increase,
product quality improvement, and price competitiveness.

With the 2 factories in Vietnam, WYVINA now consists of 13 product lines and around 3,000 employees that can produce about 1,500,000 pieces of the men’s suits and 500,000 pieces of the Men’s Casual Wear per year.